Front End Developer guide to Great SEO Optimization

SEO Techniques for Quality Front End Developers

        Who says professional SEO techniques are only for online marketers and web designers. Who says you can't have the best of both worlds. Meaning hire a great web developer who knows how to code great functionality for your site and also incorporate front end seo structure to the surface. Generally speaking, most consumers think of web developers as only having skills that allows a site to function. The belief that front end web design, seo optimizing and online marketing are complete separate fields is very exaggerated. This belief is partially true to a certain extent. However, there are many front end developers and programmers who are well rounded in all web related areas. A front end developers' goal is to make the functionality of the site his or hers' primary concern, not only concern.

Graphic example of combining Front End
Development with SEO Design.

        If you're a freelance or professional web developer looking to code in accordance with quality seo techniques you might wonder where to start. The key to giving your client great seo techniques while still remaining a powerful developer is in the code itself. That's right just the way you use specific coding techniques can result in great search engine results. A popular and active example of this is using h2 tags. Simply coding with h2 tags for titles, subtitles and alt tags can help seo organic rankings. Although you're not a top-notch SEO consultant, focusing on specific header tags allows your client SEO rankings to thrive. Another huge aspect of creating premium web development along with SEO features is coding the perfect navigation menu. Some may argue the nav menu is the most important feature of your site. It's the tool that allows users to maneuver throughout your entire site. They can go any place they wish on your site using the nav menu. That's why it's important to develop an excellent user-friendly, quality functioning menu. Which is also why navigation menus are one of the top ranking seo factors. After all the primary goal of seo is to give users what they search for while in order of relevance and providing a great visual experience in the process. As a front end developer if you create code for a custom, jaw dropping navigation menu that audiences will adore that'll definitely bring great seo results. Your client will be satisfied with the look of their website and have a better chance to organically rank higher on the search engines.

Perfect example of versatile,
responsive, compatible and
seo friendly navigation menu

        One of the most important ways a front end developer can incorporate professional seo skills in their customers' project is to code a responsive and browser compatibility site. These factors are commonly mentioned and can seem redundant. However, they're highly important and makes a world of difference in terms of user experience. As a professional developer, especially working on the front end programming a site for responsiveness and cross browser use is a big deal. It shouldn't be looked at as optional. How does this help a developer demonstrate superb seo practices? All major search engines want their users to be satisfied with whatever search results they receive. Having a site appear on the first page that can only display on desktops or only show correctly on select browsers isn't quite satisfying to all users. Sure a lot of users won't have a problem with these limitations. But to receive high rankings within the search engines your website should appeal to all spectrums. A user should be able to search and find your site comfortably on a phone, tablet, internet explorer, google chrome, etc. If the site isn't programmed with universal appeal then search engin crawlers believe it's not worthy of having high rankings. Accomplishing this feature alone for each and every one of your clients will make you a well rounded front end developer who happens to have creative seo skills.

Responsive Design and great user experience is one of
the best ways a developer can create great seo results.

        Mastering these tips won't make you become an instant seo master. Of course there are numerous factors that play a part in sites performing well online. Are there a lot more hands on marketing skills that play a role? Absolutely but that doesn't mean as web developer you can't carefully code quality optimization techniques.