Freelance Web Developer: Choosing the Perfect Languages

Web Programming Languages great for Freelance Web Developers

        The life of a web developer, programmer or any type of web related guru may appear fun and free to others; especially if you're a freelancer. Many view it as you work for yourself, you make good money and you're a computer genius. However, working in the field of modern technology can be demanding and tedious. Sometimes being a freelance web developer can have numerous cons due to inconsistent schedule, slow gigs and time consuming tasks. It's not always as simple as pulling in $700.00 or $800.00 web coding job. To be a successful web developer or programmer one has to be organized, ambitious and willing to sacrifice plenty of time. One of the keys to making these factors blend well together is narrowing down your audience, niches and specialty skills. This is why I strongly believe every web developer should have his or her own select programming languages they stick with.

        When entering the world of coding or web design you should research all available languages and decide which ones are best for you. This may sound unnecessary and even basic but I mean taking an in-depth approach to understanding web development languages. If you're goal is to solely be a freelance web developer with a broad audience than working with a large catalog of languages is a better fit. Coding with HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript, PHP and ASP will work to your advantage. When programming primary on a freelance basis you'll receive a variety of gigs, and you want to be well-rounded for your customers. This wasy you can appeal to e-commerce site seekers, standard site clients and inspiring social media network founders. However, if you're looking for a more stable position in the web development industry such as a "Front End Web Developer", choosing 4-5 languages to code with is a great choice. HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript and jQuery are great languages for "Front End Developers" and "Junior Programmers." These particular coding languages are secure, professional and SEO friendly. With front end coding the responsibilities aren't as intense and the chances of creating applications are minor. For those reasons alone staying with 4 great, less stressful languages will do.
        For more advanced programmers whether a freelance web developer or a senior application developer at a huge firm; great languages to work with include: JavaScript, PHP, .net, C++, C# and Java. Of course mixing up your skills and studying multiple languages will only improve your growth as a web developer. But narrowing down goals will enable you to master certain languages. To understand web programming can take years. You don't want to overload yourself with 10-20 languages and eventually use about 5 of them for your professional. Take time to research and evolve as a developer.