Freelance Web Designer Versus Web Design Company

Which Option Should You Choose: Freelance Web Designer or Web Design Firm

        Getting a smooth, clean, professional website built for your company and business can be a difficult task. Although there are many freelance web designers, web design companies and web development firms available it still seems tedious to find the right developer, establish the perfect partnership to create a grand site just for you. Being in the web development field I hear plenty of complaints about connecting with an efficient web designer. A big factor that comes in to play with this popular topic is whether to go with a professional freelance web designer or an established web design company. There are pros and cons to both, and many will have several arguments on why it's better to chose one over the other.        
        When it comes to hiring a freelance web designer or developer to work on your website it appears as the most convenient choice. It's easier to find affordable, interpersonal freelance developers rather than a corporate like firm. You'll come in contact with a lot of freelancers who are willing to work with your price range and can offer more assistance once your site is up and running. With a freelance web designer you have a better chance of creating a personal relationship that'll make running whatever your business site is more convenient. Also when working with a freelance web designer it'll be easier for you to grasp the industry of web development, coding and programming. It's almost like you'll have a personal trainer to show you the ins and outs. The cons to hiring an individual to build you a site definitely plays a factor in what choice you decide to go with. A lot of freelancers work solely by themselves so it's difficult to answer to each clients' request in a timely manner. Also with freelance web developers they might lack some of the resources professional web firms have access to. Depending on what type of business you have or how far you want to expand your brand this can be a big inconvenience. Not to mention all freelance web designers are willing to work with prices. If he or she is an established, respected freelancer in their own right the price for their services might be just as much or not more than a web design firm.        

        In terms of hiring a professional web development company to design a dynamic, professional site for your business there are many factors to consider.The pros to linking up with an established firm for a company website is the guaranteed quality. If you hire an experienced, professional, quality team to work on an exclusive website for you, you're practically guaranteed excellence, originality and dynamic features for your company brand. Another great thing about working with renowed firms are the perks that comes with most web design packages. Web hosting, SEO marketing and social media interaction are just a few of the features that many web development companies offer. This way you won't have a site up and running yet you're inexperienced and on your own. But you'll have a team of professionals willing to help you each step of the way. The cons to having a web design firm create a site for you is the pricing, lack of interpersonal relationship and not having a voice. Quite a few established development companies have high web design fees, hidden fees and aren't willing to work with the clients' price range. This is due to their great reputation, history of performance and grand marketing team. However,it makes it hard on the customer who isn't as established yet simply can't afford the fee. Another complaint many have stated with actual firms is the lack of one on one interpersonal relationship. The customer feels like their business is just another site to the web design firm.        
        So there are many pros and cons, ups and downs regardless of what choice you decide to go with when wanting to establish a web presence and grow you business with a site. After a while it all comes down to personal preference and the goal of your business. If you plan on expanding and building an empire than a professional web development firm is probably your better choice. If you want to create a huge architecture business or real estate firm that'll require a 30 page website then hire a quality web design company to do the job. If you want a small yet effective site that'll reach a specific audience than a freelance web designer is probably the best choice for you. It's all about evaluating your vision, goals and audience which will tell you what option is better.