E-commerce Web Design: Make your brand stand out

Techniques and tips to the Perfect E-commerce web design site

        In the professional world of web development and design there are several different kinds of high functioning websites that are quite popular over the internet. Blogs, online portfolios, social media sites and of course standard company websites. However, one of the most profound types of websites to ever be create are e-commerce sites. With the internet, online shopping and online networking literally changing the world as we once knew it, there's no surprise that e-commerce web design sites have become as convenient and popular as they are today. More and more consumers are preferring to shop online rather than in stores or with standard mail catalogs. This is a great factor for e-commerce developers and online store owners. However, in order to succeed with this transformation you have to have an e-commerce site that allures and persuades each and every customer that visits it.
        The initial feature that all e-commerce websites need in order to catch and keep potential customers attention is a clean, clear layout. As soon as the customer lands on your home page he or she has to know right away it's an e-commerce website and most importantly they have to know exactly what you're selling. The best way to complish this look is with a smooth home page slider and a "H2" tag heading that reads something like "Gorgeous Jewerly Boutique" or "Leather Cell Phone Cases". This way the customer knows what you're selling yet they're not overbeared with too many words. Let the home page slider tell the story of your company and what you have to offer. As the old saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words."

        Another effective trait every e-commerce site needs is at least one to two "call to action" buttons. A "call to action" button is when you're telling a customer where to go or what to do on your site. A good example of an effective "call to action" button is the infamous "shop now" button. A good place to design these buttons on your site is right below the slider or towards the right hand side of your "featured products" that should be on the home page as well. Each individual product page should have a big, stylish "add to cart" button beside or below the actual product. This gives the customer a clear and concise route to the checkout page which ultimately leads to a purchase. Other features to add to your company e-commerce web site are social media icons linked to your social media pages, credit card/paypal icons letting the customer know what type of payment methods you accept, a "contact us" or "customer care" link, a "refund policy" page and "privacy policy" page available.
         These tips and methods are just a few features that'll help your business stand out on the web and grab potential customers. These are the primary features every e-commerce site should have because it shows professionalism, a sense of establishment and variety on your site. However, there's so much more to creating a great e-commerce web design project. The last but certainly not least factor to remember is to add your whatever qualities that makes your brand unique and original. Every business have them. You just need to right web designer and visionary to bring them to life on the internet.